Donorfile.comLogin is the next evolution in DonorTracks which was developed as a client server desktop Windows application in 1995.  It has its roots earlier when used as a Paradox PAL language application used to track services provided by non profits to generate service delivery reports to fulfill grant reporting requirements. is being launched to continue its mission to provide non-profits with a platform to track donors, donations and provide basic reporting services.  The goal is to continue developing the features in a way to enhance the system for all subscribers to benefit. will launch with the  initial feature set:

1)      Contact / Donor /Volunteer / Member maintenance


2) Donation Entry

  1. Monetary
  2. Non-Monetary (In-Kind with a stated value)

3)      Donation Receipt generator – at time of entry via Print (PDF) and email delivery to the donor.

4)      Annual giving summary generated – Printed orDonor emailed.

5)      Basic Reports

  1. Ability to export information to Microsoft Excel

6)      Multiple users accounts available with security options.



Additional Features will be developed and added on a regular basis.



Please check back here for future announcements.